Change from v0.4 to v0.4.1: update in the documentation.

The major changes from v0.3 to v0.4 are:

  • In v0.4 the building classes assigned to a commercial OBM building are narrowed down not only according to its number of storeys (as in v0.3) but also based on its specific occupancy case. This is possible because the ESRM20 commercial building classes are sub-grouped into (i) offices, (ii) wholesale and retail trade, and (iii) hotels and restaurants.
  • The configuration template (GDE_config_file_TEMPLATE.ini) now reflects the ESRM20 grouping of occupancy classes into broader residential, commercial and industrial cases:
    • Residential:
      • residential buildings considered in national censuses and statistics (they usually include mixed commercial and residential use)
    • Commercial:
      • offices
      • wholesale and retail trade
      • hotels and restaurants
    • Industrial (all sub-types correspond to :
      • manufacturing
      • mining
      • quarrying
      • construction