Commit c40293cf authored by Cecilia Nievas's avatar Cecilia Nievas
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Modified config template to reflect ESRM20 grouping of occupancy types

parent 45176732
......@@ -102,7 +102,7 @@ min_grid_cell_id = 0
# Occupancy cases in which the OBM buildings will be classified ('Oth' is implicit in the method when needed):
occupancy_cases = Res, Com, Ind
# Occupancy strings associated with each value of occupancy_cases
occupancy_classifications = [RES; RES1; RES2; RES3; RES4; RES5; RES99; MIX1], [COM; COM1; COM10; COM11; COM12; COM13; COM14; COM15; COM16; COM17; COM18; COM2; COM3; COM5; COM6; COM7; COM8; COM9; COM99], [IND; IND1; IND2; IND3; IND4; IND5; IND6; IND7; IND8; IND9; IND99]
occupancy_classifications = [RES; RES99; RES1; RES2; RES2A; RES4; MIX1; MIX4], [COM; COM99; COM1; COM2; COM3; COM5; RES3], [IND; IND99; IND1; IND2; MIX3]
# This code will go cell by cell. There are many ways in which one can define the list
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