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Added documentation file explaining the contents of...

Added documentation file explaining the contents of guide_to_use_of_config_file.csv and the use of the config file in general
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# Configuration File
All the scripts in this repository require input parameters that are read from a configuration file. The file `GDE_config_file_TEMPLATE.ini` contains the template of such a configuration file.
The configuration file is organised into sub-sections, some of which are common to several scripts while some others are specific. Those that are common are:
- `File Paths`: main input and output paths.
- `Available Results`: used by a few scripts that work together on results from several different runs (e.g. using different methods to distribute the SERA model to a grid).
- `OBM Database`: name of the database, schema, table and user to access the OBM buildings.
- `Tiles Database`: name of the database, schema, table and user to access the tiles/cells database table.
- `Admin Units Database`name of the database, schema, table and user to access the administrative units database table.
- `Cells to Process`: the list of cells to process can be defined by means of several methods: by country, by administrative unit ID of a country, with a bounding box, specifying a number of random cells to select from a country, or by means of an arbitrary list of cell IDs. All these parameters are specified in this sub-section.
- `Ocuppancy String Groups`: mapping of occupancy strings to occupancy categories (e.g. RES1, RES2, etc., are "Res", COM1, COM11, etc., are "Com", etc.)
The ones that are specific to each script are named just like the script (e.g. `GDE_gather_SERA_and_OBM`, `GDE_plot_maps`, etc).
The file `guide_to_use_of_config_file.csv` indicates which sub-sections of the configuration file are needed by which script. The first column contains the name of the script. The second column, "Self", indicates whether a script-specific sub-section (named like the script itself) is required or not. All other columns correspond to the common sub-sections listed above. "Y" means the sub-section is needed, "N" means it is not needed. Nothing happens if sub-sections that are not needed are provided, but an error message is raised if required sub-sections are missing.
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