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Added missing docstrings to __init__ methods

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......@@ -53,6 +53,12 @@ class AggregatedExposureModel(abc.ABC):
def __init__(self, configuration):
configuration (Configuration object):
Instance of the Configuration class.
self.model_name = configuration.model_name
self.exposure_format = configuration.exposure_format
self.occupancy_cases = None
......@@ -44,6 +44,22 @@ class DataUnit:
def __init__(self, dataunit_id, geometries_table, target_column_name):
dataunit_id (str):
ID of the DataUnit (e.g. ID of the administrative unit it represents).
geometries_table (GeoPandas GeoDataFrame):
GeoPandas GeoDataFrame containing at least two columns:
target_column_name (str):
Column where the ID of the Data Unit will be sought. The data type of
the elements of this column needs to be 'string', otherwise the function
might fail to find the name of the Data Unit in it.
geometry (Shapely geometry):
target_column_name (str):
Name of the column in which the ID of the Data Unit will be sought.
""" = dataunit_id
self.geometry = self.get_data_unit_geometry(geometries_table, target_column_name)
self.data_unit_tiles = None
......@@ -82,6 +82,14 @@ class ExposureEntity:
def __init__(self, name, config_code):
name (str):
Name of the exposure entity.
config_code (str or dict):
Either "ISO3" (str) or a dictionary, of which name needs to be a key.
""" = name
self.code = self._interpret_exposure_entities_code(config_code)
self.occupancy_cases = {}
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