Commit 6c8bc320 authored by Karsten Prehn's avatar Karsten Prehn Committed by Felix Delattre
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Added exception handling

Co-authored-by: Danijel Schorlemmer's avatarDanijel Schorlemmer <>
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...@@ -64,19 +64,37 @@ class SpatialiteDatabase: ...@@ -64,19 +64,37 @@ class SpatialiteDatabase:
# Connect (if exists) or create SQLite database # Connect (if exists) or create SQLite database
logger.debug("Connecting to database at %s" % self.database_filepath) logger.debug("Connecting to database at %s" % self.database_filepath)
self.connection = sqlite3.connect(self.database_filepath) try:
self.connection = sqlite3.connect(self.database_filepath)
except Exception:
logger.exception("Error connecting to the database file")
logger.debug("Connection to database established") logger.debug("Connection to database established")
# Load and initialize the Spatialite extension # Load and initialize the Spatialite extension
self.connection.enable_load_extension(True) self.connection.enable_load_extension(True)
sql_statement = "SELECT load_extension('%s');" % self.spatialite_filepath sql_statement = "SELECT load_extension('%s');" % self.spatialite_filepath
self.connection.execute(sql_statement) try:
except sqlite3.OperationalError:
logger.exception("Error loading spatial extension")
logger.debug("Spatialite extension loaded")
if init_spatial_metadata: if init_spatial_metadata:
self.connection.execute("SELECT InitSpatialMetaData(1);") try:
logger.debug("Spatialite extension loaded and initialized") self.connection.execute("SELECT InitSpatialMetaData(1);")
except Exception:
logger.exception("Error initializing spatial metadata")
logger.debug("Spatial metadata initialized")
# Debug output # Debug output
versions = self.connection.execute("SELECT sqlite_version(), spatialite_version()") try:
versions = self.connection.execute("SELECT sqlite_version(), spatialite_version()")
except Exception:
logger.exception("Error querying database versions")
for row in versions: for row in versions:
logger.debug("SQLite version: %s" % row[0]) logger.debug("SQLite version: %s" % row[0])
logger.debug("Spatialite version: %s" % row[1]) logger.debug("Spatialite version: %s" % row[1])
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