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Dropped rows with total for basement presence

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......@@ -1034,6 +1034,29 @@ class CommercialAggregatedExposure(SpatialiteDatabase):
"and basement presence datasets"
def drop_rows_with_total_basement_presence(self):
This function deletes the rows with `total` values for basement presence dataset.
These rows are deleted to keep the `total` values coming from the
`construction material` dataset as the final value.
# Drop rows with `total` values not equal to `main usage and construction material`
sql_statement = """
DELETE FROM BuildingNumber
WHERE construction_material_id = -1
AND basement_presence_id = 0
AND eq_resistance_code_presence_id = -1
AND total_floor_area_id = -1
"Dropped rows in BuildingNumber table with `total` type "
"not equal to the total for `main usage and construction material`"
def import_exposure_data(
......@@ -1146,6 +1169,10 @@ class CommercialAggregatedExposure(SpatialiteDatabase):
# and `main usage and construction material`
# Drop rows with `total` values not equal to `main usage and construction material`
# for basement presence dataset
# Add the main usage types to the database
for main_usage_id, main_usage in enumerate(main_usage_list):
self.insert_main_usage(main_usage_id, main_usage)
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