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## de-progress-api
## dasf-progress-api
Progress api for digital earth back-end modules based on python. Developed and tested with
Python 3.7
Progress api for dasf modules based on python. Developed and tested with Python 3.8
### Usage
A progress report is stored in a tree structure. So there will be one 'root' report instance containing multiple 'sub-reports'.
The root report will be initialized directly. The contructor demands a `send_handler` argument, so we need to create one first.
The `dasf-messaging-python` module provides a ready to use implementation for the `send_handler` via the `ProgressSendHandler` class.
In order to instantiate the send handler you need to pass the `PulsarMessageConsumer` that is used to receive the request that is monitored,
as well as the corresponding request message. You might add additional message properties via the `msg_props` dictionary.
from demessaging.progress_send_handler import ProgressSendHandler
msg_props={'additional': 'some addtional property'})
Once we have a `send_handler` we can use it to create the 'root' progress report for the request.
In case we already know how many steps (sub-reports) there are going to be on the next level, we can pass it via the optional `steps` argument.
root_report = ProgressReport(step_message="Label/message of the root report",
Once we have the root report instance we create new subreports for it via the `create_subreport` method.
Each created report is published automatically upon creation and completion.
# create a subreport
sub_report = root_report.create_subreport(step_message="Calculating something")
# execute some logic
# ...
# mark the sub-report as compelte
All sub-reports are again instances of `ProgressReport`, so you can create more sub-reports for each.
#### error handling
For now there is now distinct error flag in the report.
But you can update the `step_message` prop before marking it as complete to indicate an error.
# some code that raises an exception
# ...
except Exception as e:
error = str(e)
progress_report.step_message = "error '{msg}': {err}".format(msg=progress_report.step_message, err=error)
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