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* RedModRphree
This package serves as test bed for the developments about surrogate
models and reactive transport in the framework of the RedMod project.
It includes a number of utility functions to efficiently work with
PHREEQC, for which we use the =phreeqc= R package from USGS, trying
to keep at minimum the external dependencies.
*** Installation
In R, the quickest way is to install the package =devtools= and install
RedModRphree directly from this repository:
RedModRphree directly from this repository (=git= must be installed already on your system):
## if you need to install devtools, just type in the R command line:
## install.packages("devtools")
install_gitlab("delucia/RedModRphree", host="")
To install in a specific directory (which R must know about, e.g.,
Optional: to install the package in a specific directory (which R must know about, e.g.,
specifying the variable R_LIBS_USER in the file =$HOME/.Renviron=:
#+begin_src shell
then, in R:
devtools::install_gitlab("delucia/RedModRphree", host="", lib="~/MyRPackageDir")
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