1. 07 Oct, 2016 1 commit
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      geo.raster.reproject: · 903d411c
      Daniel Scheffler authored
      - added a new version of warp_ndarray and renamed the old one to warp_ndarray_OLD: much faster than the old version and no issues when warping 3D arrays
      - some modifications to warp_ndarray_OLD
      - added get_GDAL_ds_inmem()
      - added get_GeoArray_from_GDAL_ds()
      - added warp_GeoArray(): a function to warp GeoArray objects
      - added transform_GCPlist()
       - WKT2EPSG() now returns an integer instead of a string
      - GeoArray:
          - added whitespace assertion to __init__()
          - added properties 'rows', 'cols', 'bands', 'xgsd', 'ygsd', 'box'
          - dtype: bugfix for error when dtype is requested from in_mem-GeoArray
          - __getitem__(): bugfix for returning the wrong array subset when 'given' slice has length 1
          - show(): added interpolation and cmap keywords
          - get_mapPos(): revision
      - _clip_array_at_mapPos:
          - Memory errors due to wrong target dimensions are now catched
      - get_array_at_mapPos(): major revision
      - added get_outFillZeroSaturated()
  2. 27 Sep, 2016 2 commits