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    • Daniel Scheffler's avatar
      moved GeoArray to a new separate library called 'geoarray', added convenience module; · b8887bc1
      Daniel Scheffler authored
      - added new module 'convenience'
      - added new submodule 'object_oriented': added function alias_property from GeoArray
      - EPSG2Proj4(): catched case EPSG_code=None
      - EPSG2WKT(): catched case EPSG_code=None
      - WKT2EPSG(): catched case wkt=''
      - moved GeoArray, NoDataMask, CloudMask, BadDataMask, MultiGeoArray to a new separate library called 'geoarray' and added DeprecationWarnings instead
      - updated some import statements
      - updated __version__
  8. 04 Nov, 2016 1 commit
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      added warning if automatic nodata value detection returns unreliable value;... · fb111d01
      Daniel Scheffler authored
      added warning if automatic nodata value detection returns unreliable value; bugfix for overwriting user defined attributes of GeoArray
      - GeoArray:
          - added quiet mode
          - added attribute _gdalDataset_meta_already_set
          - added print output if nodata value had to be detected automatically
          - set_gdalDataset_meta(): added docstring; method is now only called from __init__
      - revised find_noDataVal()
      - added new package similarity
  9. 01 Nov, 2016 1 commit
    • Daniel Scheffler's avatar
      added a lot of feature improvements and further developments · ac00904e
      Daniel Scheffler authored
      - __init__.py: added __all__
      - added module conversion containing new function raster2polygon for polygonizing raster arrays
      - gdal:
          - get_GDAL_ds_inmem(): gt and prj are now optional keywords
      - GeoArray:
          - added function _alias_property()
          - GeoArray:
              - added attribute basename
              - __init__(): added FileNotFoundError for Python 3
              - added 'nodata' property that return nodata value
              - refactored cols attribute to 'columns'
              - added alias attributes 'cols', 'gt', 'prj'
              - added 'mask_nodata' property that returns a no data mask (uint8)
              - added 'footprint_poly' property that returns a shapely polygon with the corresponding footprint
              - added nodata value derival to set_gdalDataset_meta()
              - save(): added automatic creation of output directory
              - _get_plottable_image(): now respects nodata value
              - show(): now respects nodata value
              - show_map(): now respects nodata value
              - added show_footprint() function that shows a zoomable map containing the footprint polygon as overlay (Jupyter Notebook internal)
      io.temp_io => refactored to 'pathgen':
      - added function get_generic_outpath()
      - added function find_noDataVal() to derive nodata value from a given numpy array
      - updated __version__
  10. 07 Oct, 2016 1 commit
    • Daniel Scheffler's avatar
      geo.raster.reproject: · 903d411c
      Daniel Scheffler authored
      - added a new version of warp_ndarray and renamed the old one to warp_ndarray_OLD: much faster than the old version and no issues when warping 3D arrays
      - some modifications to warp_ndarray_OLD
      - added get_GDAL_ds_inmem()
      - added get_GeoArray_from_GDAL_ds()
      - added warp_GeoArray(): a function to warp GeoArray objects
      - added transform_GCPlist()
       - WKT2EPSG() now returns an integer instead of a string
      - GeoArray:
          - added whitespace assertion to __init__()
          - added properties 'rows', 'cols', 'bands', 'xgsd', 'ygsd', 'box'
          - dtype: bugfix for error when dtype is requested from in_mem-GeoArray
          - __getitem__(): bugfix for returning the wrong array subset when 'given' slice has length 1
          - show(): added interpolation and cmap keywords
          - get_mapPos(): revision
      - _clip_array_at_mapPos:
          - Memory errors due to wrong target dimensions are now catched
      - get_array_at_mapPos(): major revision
      - added get_outFillZeroSaturated()
  11. 27 Sep, 2016 1 commit