Commit d126b284 authored by Daniel Scheffler's avatar Daniel Scheffler
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Fixed isLocal().

Signed-off-by: Daniel Scheffler's avatarDaniel Scheffler <>
parent 9d0849d7
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......@@ -128,7 +128,11 @@ def isLocal(prj):
elif prj.startswith('+proj='):
elif 'GEOGCS' in prj or 'PROJCS' in prj or 'LOCAL_CS' in prj:
elif 'GEOGCS' in prj or \
'GEOGCRS' in prj or \
'PROJCS' in prj or \
'PROJCS' in prj or \
'LOCAL_CS' in prj:
raise RuntimeError('Unknown input projection: \n%s' % prj)
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