Commit 76dc9e3e authored by Daniel Scheffler's avatar Daniel Scheffler
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Merge branch 'bugfix/fix_raster2polygon' into 'master'

Bugfix/fix raster2polygon

Closes #20

See merge request !36
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......@@ -2,6 +2,15 @@
0.20.2 (2022-02-10)
* `!36`_: Fixed #20 (Wrong output of raster2polygon in case exact=False).
Enabled GDAL exceptions in the whole project.
.. _!36:]
0.20.1 (2021-12-03)
......@@ -25,5 +25,10 @@
# limitations under the License.
from .version import __version__, __versionalias__ # noqa (E402 + F401)
from osgeo.gdal import UseExceptions as _UseExceptions
__author__ = 'Daniel Scheffler'
# enable GDAL exceptions in the whole project
......@@ -58,6 +58,7 @@ def raster2polygon(array: np.ndarray,
:param prj: projection as WKT string, 'EPSG:1234' or <EPSG_int>
:param DN2extract: <int, float> pixel value to create polygons for
:param exact: whether to compute the exact footprint polygon or a simplified one for speed
(exact=False downsamples large input datasets before polygonizing)
:param maxfeatCount: the maximum expected number of polygons. If more polygons are found, every further
processing is cancelled and a RunTimeError is raised.
:param min_npx: minmal polygon area to be included in the result (in numbers of pixels; default: 1)
......@@ -136,7 +137,7 @@ def raster2polygon(array: np.ndarray,
src_band, # .GetMaskBand(),
[] if exact else ["8CONNECTED=8"], # 4-connectedness for exact output
[], # uses 4-connectedness for exact output (["8CONNECTED=8"] is much slower below)
# callback=gdal.TermProgress_nocb)
......@@ -171,8 +172,8 @@ def raster2polygon(array: np.ndarray,
val = val if val.is_valid else val.buffer(0)
if isinstance(val, Polygon):
return val
for g in val.geoms:
return get_valid_polys(g)
return [get_valid_polys(g) for g in val.geoms]
# extract polygons from GeoJSON dict
polys = []
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