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package structure revision; revised imports of external functions

- some functions are now imported directly from py_tools_ds instead of from geometry
- moved imParamObj and COREG to new module 'CoReg'

- some functions are now imported directly from py_tools_ds instead of from geometry
- moved DESHIFTER to new module 'DeShifter'

- some functions are now imported directly from py_tools_ds instead of from geometry
- moved Geom_Quality_Grid to new module Geom_Quality_Grid

- fixed a unicode string error within arg parser
- some code style changes
- bugfix for not properly parsing '-calc_cor'
- __version__ is now imported from package.__init__

- added __version__

- removed deprecated imports

- revised some imports

- removed all imports of functions that are not directly needed within geometry

new modules:
- CoReg
- DeShifter
- Geom_Quality_Grid
parent b3a36182
from .components.CoReg import COREG
from .components.DeShifter import DESHIFTER
from .components.Geom_Quality_Grid import Geom_Quality_Grid
from .components import io
from .components import plotting
from .components import utilities
from .components import geometry
from .dsc__CoReg_Sat_FourierShiftTheorem import COREG, DESHIFTER, Geom_Quality_Grid
__author__ = 'Daniel Scheffler'
__version__= '2016-10-11_01'
......@@ -11,6 +16,6 @@ __all__=['COREG',
__author__='Daniel Scheffler'
This diff is collapsed.
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
__author__='Daniel Scheffler'
import collections
import os
import tempfile
import time
import warnings
# custom
import gdal
import numpy as np
import rasterio
from shapely.geometry import box
# internal modules
from . import geometry as GEO
from py_tools_ds.ptds import GeoArray
from py_tools_ds.ptds.numeric.array import get_outFillZeroSaturated
from py_tools_ds.ptds.geo.map_info import mapinfo2geotransform, geotransform2mapinfo
from py_tools_ds.ptds.geo.coord_calc import corner_coord_to_minmax, get_corner_coordinates
from py_tools_ds.ptds.geo.coord_grid import is_coord_grid_equal
from py_tools_ds.ptds.geo.projection import prj_equal
from py_tools_ds.ptds.geo.raster.reproject import warp_ndarray
from py_tools_ds.ptds.numeric.vector import find_nearest
from import subcall_with_output
class DESHIFTER(object):
dict_rspAlg_rsp_Int = {'nearest': 0, 'bilinear': 1, 'cubic': 2,
'cubic_spline': 3, 'lanczos': 4, 'average': 5, 'mode': 6}
def __init__(self, im2shift, coreg_results, **kwargs):
Deshift an image array or one of its products by applying the coregistration info calculated by COREG class.
:param dict_GMS_obj: the copied dictionary of a GMS object, containing the attribute 'coreg_info'
:param attrname2deshift: attribute name of the GMS object containing the array to be shifted (or a its path)
:Keyword Arguments:
- path_out(str): /output/directory/filename for coregistered results
- band2process (int): The index of the band to be processed within the given array (starts with 1),
default = None (all bands are processed)
- out_gsd (float): output pixel size in units of the reference coordinate system (default = pixel size
of the input array), given values are overridden by match_gsd=True
- align_grids (bool): True: align the input coordinate grid to the reference (does not affect the
output pixel size as long as input and output pixel sizes are compatible
(5:30 or 10:30 but not 4:30), default = False
- match_gsd (bool): True: match the input pixel size to the reference pixel size,
default = False
- target_xyGrid(list): a list with an x-grid and a y-grid like [[15,45], [15,45]]
- resamp_alg(str) the resampling algorithm to be used if neccessary
(valid algorithms: nearest, bilinear, cubic, cubic_spline, lanczos, average, mode)
- warp_alg(str): 'GDAL' or 'rasterio' (default = 'rasterio')
- cliptoextent (bool): True: clip the input image to its actual bounds while deleting possible no data
areas outside of the actual bounds, default = True
- clipextent (list): xmin, ymin, xmax, ymax - if given the calculation of the actual bounds is skipped
- tempDir(str): directory to be used for tempfiles (default: /dev/shm/)
# FIXME add v and q, mp?
# unpack args
self.im2shift = im2shift if isinstance(im2shift, GeoArray) else GeoArray(im2shift)
self.shift_prj = im2shift.projection
self.shift_gt = list(im2shift.geotransform)
self.nodata = get_outFillZeroSaturated(self.im2shift.dtype)[0]
self.updated_map_info = coreg_results['updated map info']
self.original_map_info = coreg_results['original map info']
self.updated_gt = mapinfo2geotransform(self.updated_map_info)
self.ref_gt = coreg_results['reference geotransform']
self.ref_grid = coreg_results['reference grid']
self.ref_prj = coreg_results['reference projection']
self.updated_projection = self.ref_prj
# unpack kwargs
self.path_out = kwargs.get('path_out' , None)
self.band2process = kwargs.get('band2process', None) # starts with 1 # FIXME warum?
self.align_grids = kwargs.get('align_grids' , False)
tempAsENVI = kwargs.get('tempAsENVI' , False)
self.outFmt = 'VRT' if not tempAsENVI else 'ENVI'
self.rspAlg = kwargs.get('resamp_alg' , 'cubic')
self.warpAlg = kwargs.get('warp_alg' , 'GDAL_lib')
self.cliptoextent = kwargs.get('cliptoextent', True)
self.clipextent = kwargs.get('clipextent' , None)
self.tempDir = kwargs.get('tempDir' ,'/dev/shm/')
self.out_grid = self.get_out_grid(kwargs) # needs self.ref_grid, self.im2shift
self.out_gsd = [abs(self.out_grid[0][1]-self.out_grid[0][0]), abs(self.out_grid[1][1]-self.out_grid[1][0])] # xgsd, ygsd
# assertions
assert self.rspAlg in self.dict_rspAlg_rsp_Int.keys()
assert self.warpAlg in ['GDAL_cmd', 'GDAL_lib']
# set defaults for general class attributes
self.is_shifted = False # this is not included in COREG.coreg_info
self.is_resampled = False # this is not included in COREG.coreg_info
self.tracked_errors = []
self.arr_shifted = None # set by self.correct_shifts
def get_out_grid(self, init_kwargs):
# parse given params
out_gsd = init_kwargs.get('out_gsd' , None)
match_gsd = init_kwargs.get('match_gsd' , False)
out_grid = init_kwargs.get('target_xyGrid', None)
# assertions
assert out_grid is None or (isinstance(out_grid,(list, tuple)) and len(out_grid)==2)
assert out_gsd is None or (isinstance(out_gsd, (int, list)) and len(out_gsd) ==2)
ref_xgsd, ref_ygsd = (self.ref_grid[0][1]-self.ref_grid[0][0],self.ref_grid[1][1]-self.ref_grid[1][0])
get_grid = lambda gt, xgsd, ygsd: [[gt[0], gt[0] + xgsd], [gt[3], gt[3] - ygsd]]
# get out_grid
if out_grid:
# output grid is given
return out_grid
elif out_gsd:
out_xgsd, out_ygsd = [out_gsd, out_gsd] if isinstance(out_gsd, int) else out_gsd
if match_gsd and (out_xgsd, out_ygsd)!=(ref_xgsd, ref_ygsd):
warnings.warn("\nThe parameter 'match_gsd is ignored because another output ground sampling distance "
"was explicitly given.")
if self.align_grids and self.grids_alignable(self.im2shift.xgsd, self.im2shift.ygsd, out_xgsd, out_ygsd):
# use grid of reference image with the given output gsd
return get_grid(self.ref_gt, out_xgsd, out_ygsd)
else: # no grid alignment
# use grid of input image with the given output gsd
return get_grid(self.im2shift.geotransform, out_xgsd, out_ygsd)
elif match_gsd:
if self.align_grids:
# use reference grid
return self.ref_grid
# use grid of input image and reference gsd
return get_grid(self.im2shift.geotransform, ref_xgsd, ref_ygsd)
if self.align_grids and self.grids_alignable(self.im2shift.xgsd, self.im2shift.ygsd, ref_xgsd, ref_ygsd):
# use origin of reference image and gsd of input image
return get_grid(self.ref_gt, self.im2shift.xgsd, self.im2shift.ygsd)
# use input image grid
return get_grid(self.im2shift.geotransform, self.im2shift.xgsd, self.im2shift.ygsd)
def grids_alignable(in_xgsd, in_ygsd, out_xgsd, out_ygsd):
is_alignable = lambda gsd1, gsd2: max(gsd1, gsd2) % min(gsd1, gsd2) == 0 # checks if pixel sizes are divisible
if not is_alignable(in_xgsd, out_xgsd) or not is_alignable(in_ygsd, out_ygsd):
warnings.warn("\nThe targeted output coordinate grid is not alignable with the image to be shifted because "
"their pixel sizes are not exact multiples of each other (input [X/Y]: "
"%s %s; output [X/Y]: %s %s). Therefore the targeted output grid is "
"chosen for the resampled output image. If you don´t like that you can use the '-out_gsd' "
"parameter to set an appropriate output pixel size.\n"
% (in_xgsd, in_ygsd, out_xgsd, out_ygsd))
return False
return True
def get_out_extent(self):
if self.cliptoextent and self.clipextent is None:
# calculate actual corner coords (input image projection)
trueCorner_mapXY = GEO.get_true_corner_mapXY(self.im2shift, bandNr=1, noDataVal=self.nodata, mp=1,v=0)
xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax = corner_coord_to_minmax(trueCorner_mapXY)
self.clipextent = box(xmin, ymin, xmax, ymax).bounds
self.clipextent = corner_coord_to_minmax(get_corner_coordinates(
gt=self.shift_gt, cols=self.im2shift.cols, rows=self.im2shift.rows))
# snap clipextent to output grid (in case of odd input coords the output coords are moved INSIDE the input array)
xmin, ymin, xmax, ymax = self.clipextent
xmin = find_nearest(self.out_grid[0], xmin, roundAlg='on' , extrapolate=True)
ymin = find_nearest(self.out_grid[1], ymin, roundAlg='on' , extrapolate=True)
xmax = find_nearest(self.out_grid[0], xmax, roundAlg='off', extrapolate=True)
ymax = find_nearest(self.out_grid[0], ymax, roundAlg='off', extrapolate=True)
return xmin, ymin, xmax, ymax
def correct_shifts(self):
# type: (DESHIFTER) -> collections.OrderedDict
t_start = time.time()
equal_prj = prj_equal(self.ref_prj,self.shift_prj)
if equal_prj and is_coord_grid_equal(self.shift_gt, *self.out_grid) and not self.align_grids:
self.is_shifted = True
self.is_resampled = False
xmin,ymin,xmax,ymax = self.get_out_extent()
if self.cliptoextent: # TODO validate results!
# get shifted array
shifted_geoArr = GeoArray(self.im2shift[:],tuple(self.updated_gt), self.shift_prj)
# clip with target extent
self.arr_shifted, self.updated_gt, self.updated_projection = \
shifted_geoArr.get_mapPos((xmin,ymin,xmax,ymax), self.shift_prj, fillVal=self.nodata)
self.updated_map_info = geotransform2mapinfo(self.updated_gt, self.updated_projection)
# array keeps the same; updated gt and prj are taken from coreg_info
self.arr_shifted = self.im2shift[:]
if self.path_out:
GeoArray(self.arr_shifted, self.updated_gt, self.updated_projection).save(self.path_out)
else: # FIXME equal_prj==False ist noch NICHT implementiert
if self.warpAlg=='GDAL_cmd':
warnings.warn('This method has not been tested in its current state!')
# FIXME nicht multiprocessing-fähig, weil immer kompletter array gewarpt wird und sich ergebnisse gegenseitig überschreiben
# create tempfile
fd, path_tmp = tempfile.mkstemp(prefix='CoReg_Sat', suffix=self.outFmt, dir=self.tempDir)
t_extent = " -te %s %s %s %s" %self.get_out_extent()
xgsd, ygsd = self.out_gsd
cmd = "gdalwarp -r %s -tr %s %s -t_srs '%s' -of %s %s %s -srcnodata %s -dstnodata %s -overwrite%s"\
%(self.rspAlg, xgsd,ygsd,self.ref_prj,self.outFmt,self.im2shift.filePath,
path_tmp, self.nodata, self.nodata, t_extent)
out, exitcode, err = subcall_with_output(cmd)
if exitcode!=1 and os.path.exists(path_tmp):
"""update map info, arr_shifted, geotransform and projection"""
ds_shifted = gdal.OpenShared(path_tmp) if self.outFmt == 'VRT' else gdal.Open(path_tmp)
self.shift_gt, self.shift_prj = ds_shifted.GetGeoTransform(), ds_shifted.GetProjection()
self.updated_map_info = geotransform2mapinfo(self.shift_gt,self.shift_prj)
print('reading from', ds_shifted.GetDescription())
if self.band2process is None:
dim2RowsColsBands = lambda A: np.swapaxes(np.swapaxes(A,0,2),0,1) # [bands,rows,cols]
self.arr_shifted = dim2RowsColsBands(
self.arr_shifted =
self.is_shifted = True
self.is_resampled = True
ds_shifted = None
[gdal.Unlink(p) for p in [path_tmp] if os.path.exists(p)] # delete tempfiles
print("\n%s\nCommand was: '%s'" %(err.decode('utf8'),cmd))
[gdal.Unlink(p) for p in [path_tmp] if os.path.exists(p)] # delete tempfiles
self.tracked_errors.append(RuntimeError('Resampling failed.'))
raise self.tracked_errors[-1]
# TODO implement output writer
elif self.warpAlg=='GDAL_lib':
# apply XY-shifts to shift_gt
in_arr = self.im2shift[self.band2process] if self.band2process else self.im2shift[:]
self.shift_gt[0], self.shift_gt[3] = self.updated_gt[0], self.updated_gt[3]
# get resampled array
out_arr, out_gt, out_prj = \
rspAlg = self.dict_rspAlg_rsp_Int[self.rspAlg],
in_nodata = self.nodata,
out_nodata = self.nodata,
out_gsd = self.out_gsd,
out_bounds = self.get_out_extent() )
self.updated_projection = out_prj
self.arr_shifted = out_arr
self.updated_map_info = geotransform2mapinfo(out_gt,out_prj)
self.shift_gt = mapinfo2geotransform(self.updated_map_info)
self.is_shifted = True
self.is_resampled = True
if self.path_out:
GeoArray(out_arr, out_gt, out_prj).save(self.path_out)
print('Time for shift correction: %.2fs' %(time.time()-t_start))
return self.deshift_results
def deshift_results(self):
deshift_results = collections.OrderedDict()
deshift_results.update({'band' :self.band2process})
deshift_results.update({'is shifted' :self.is_shifted})
deshift_results.update({'is resampled' :self.is_resampled})
deshift_results.update({'updated map info' :self.updated_map_info})
deshift_results.update({'updated projection':self.updated_projection})
deshift_results.update({'arr_shifted' :self.arr_shifted})
return deshift_results
\ No newline at end of file
This diff is collapsed.
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import math
import os
import re
import warnings
__author__='Daniel Scheffler'
import warnings
import numpy as np
import pyproj
import gdal
......@@ -16,60 +13,11 @@ except ImportError:
from osgeo import osr
from osgeo import ogr
from geopandas import GeoDataFrame
# custom
from py_tools_ds.ptds.geo.vector.geometry import boxObj
from py_tools_ds.ptds.geo.vector.geometry import round_shapelyPoly_coords
from py_tools_ds.ptds.geo.vector.topology import get_footprint_polygon, get_overlap_polygon, \
find_line_intersection_point, get_largest_onGridPoly_within_poly, \
get_smallest_boxImYX_that_contains_boxMapYX, \
from py_tools_ds.ptds.geo.coord_calc import get_corner_coordinates, corner_coord_to_minmax, \
from py_tools_ds.ptds.geo.coord_grid import move_shapelyPoly_to_image_grid, find_nearest_grid_coord, \
from py_tools_ds.ptds.geo.coord_trafo import transform_utm_to_wgs84, pixelToLatLon, pixelToMapYX, imYX2mapYX, \
from py_tools_ds.ptds.geo.projection import get_proj4info, get_UTMzone, WKT2EPSG, EPSG2WKT, \
isProjectedOrGeographic, prj_equal
from py_tools_ds.ptds.geo.map_info import geotransform2mapinfo, mapinfo2geotransform
from py_tools_ds.ptds.geo.raster.reproject import warp_ndarray
# internal modules
from py_tools_ds.ptds.geo.coord_calc import calc_FullDataset_corner_positions
from py_tools_ds.ptds.geo.coord_trafo import pixelToMapYX, imYX2mapYX
from py_tools_ds.ptds import GeoArray
from py_tools_ds.ptds.numeric.array import get_outFillZeroSaturated
......@@ -12,7 +12,9 @@ except ImportError:
from osgeo import gdal
from import envi
# internal modules
from .utilities import get_dtypeStr, get_image_tileborders, convertGdalNumpyDataType
from py_tools_ds.ptds.geo.map_info import geotransform2mapinfo
......@@ -36,7 +38,6 @@ def wait_if_used(path_file,lockfile, timeout=100, try_kill=0):
def write_envi(arr,outpath,gt=None,prj=None):
if gt or prj: assert gt and prj, 'gt and prj must be provided together or left out.'
from .geometry import geotransform2mapinfo
meta = {'map info':geotransform2mapinfo(gt,prj),'coordinate system string':prj} if gt else None
shape = (arr.shape[0],arr.shape[1],1) if len(arr.shape)==3 else arr.shape
out = envi.create_image(outpath,metadata=meta,shape=shape,dtype=arr.dtype,interleave='bsq',ext='.bsq', force=True) # 8bit for muliple masks in one file
......@@ -185,7 +186,6 @@ def init_SharedArray_on_disk(out_path,dims,gt=None,prj=None):
if gt and prj:
from .geometry import geotransform2mapinfo
Meta['map info'] = geotransform2mapinfo(gt,prj)
Meta['coordinate system string'] = prj
shared_array_on_disk__obj = envi.create_image(path,metadata=Meta,shape=dims,dtype='uint16',
import numpy as np
import datetime
from py_tools_ds.ptds.numeric.vector import find_nearest
from import subcall_with_output
def get_dtypeStr(val):
is_numpy = 'numpy' in str(type(val))
This diff is collapsed.
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