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Fixed ValueError as reported in

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......@@ -430,15 +430,29 @@ class COREG(object):
if not self.q:
print("Equalizing pixel grids and projections of reference and target image...")
# noinspection PyProtectedMember
def apply_subset_bandnames_metadata(geoArr_cr):
# TODO: replace that function with geoArr.get_subset(zslice=slice(band4match, band4match+1))
# TODO: as soon as all metadata are passed through get_subset()
zslice = slice(geoArr_cr.band4match, geoArr_cr.band4match+1)
geoArr_cr.bandnames = list(np.array(list(geoArr_cr._bandnames))[zslice])
geoArr_cr.metadata = None if geoArr_cr._metadata is None else \
return geoArr_cr
if self.grid2use == 'ref':
# resample target image to refernce image
# resample target image to reference image
self.shift.arr = self.shift[:, :, self.shift.band4match] # resample the needed band only
self.shift = apply_subset_bandnames_metadata(self.shift)
self.shift.reproject_to_new_grid(prototype=self.ref, CPUs=self.CPUs)
self.shift.band4match = 0 # after resampling there is only one band in the GeoArray
# resample reference image to target image
# FIXME in case of different projections this will change the projection of the reference image!
self.ref.arr = self.ref[:, :, self.ref.band4match] # resample the needed band only
self.ref = apply_subset_bandnames_metadata(self.ref)
self.ref.reproject_to_new_grid(prototype=self.shift, CPUs=self.CPUs)
self.ref.band4match = 0 # after resampling there is only one band in the GeoArray
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