Commit 4991fef7 authored by Daniel Scheffler's avatar Daniel Scheffler
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Bugfix for deadlock in multiprocessing in case matching window size greater...

Bugfix for deadlock in multiprocessing in case matching window size greater than 2x grid_res. Bugfix for wrong image grid equalization in case reference image has a lower resolution than target image.

- equalize_pixGrids(): bugfix for not respecting which pixel grid is to be used for coregistration

- get_CoRegPoints_table(): updated array caching calls

- updated __version__
parent ab3d5de9
......@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ from .components import utilities
from .components import geometry
__author__ = 'Daniel Scheffler'
__version__= '2017-01-20_02'
__version__= '2017-01-20_03'
......@@ -381,8 +381,15 @@ class COREG(object):
if not (prj_equal(self.ref.prj, self.shift.prj) and self.ref.xygrid_specs==self.shift.xygrid_specs):
if not self.q: print("Equalizing pixel grids and projections of reference and target image...")
self.shift.arr = self.shift[:,:,self.shift.band4match]
self.shift.reproject_to_new_grid(prototype=self.ref, CPUs=self.CPUs)
if self.grid2use=='ref':
# resample target image to refernce image
self.shift.arr = self.shift[:,:,self.shift.band4match]
self.shift.reproject_to_new_grid(prototype=self.ref, CPUs=self.CPUs)
# resample reference image to target image
# FIXME in case of different projections this will change the projection of the reference image!
self.ref.arr = self.ref[:,:,self.ref.band4match]
self.ref.reproject_to_new_grid(prototype=self.shift, CPUs=self.CPUs)
def show_image_footprints(self):
......@@ -251,8 +251,11 @@ class Geom_Quality_Grid(object):
global global_shared_imref,global_shared_im2shift
assert self.ref .footprint_poly # this also checks for mask_nodata and nodata value
assert self.shift.footprint_poly
if not self.ref .is_inmem: self.ref.cache_array_subset(self.ref [self.COREG_obj.ref .band4match])
if not self.shift.is_inmem: self.ref.cache_array_subset(self.shift[self.COREG_obj.shift.band4match])
# ensure the input arrays for CoReg are in memory -> otherwise the code will get stuck in multiprocessing if
# neighboured matching windows overlap during reading from disk!!
self.ref.cache_array_subset([self.COREG_obj.ref .band4match])
global_shared_imref = self.ref
global_shared_im2shift = self.shift
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