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Replaced all UTM specific code and refactored tie point grid table columns...

Replaced all UTM specific code and refactored tie point grid table columns 'X_UTM' and 'Y_UTM' to 'X_MAP' and 'Y_MAP'. This allows to run arosics on input images with projections other than UTM and Lon/Lat.

Signed-off-by: Daniel Scheffler's avatarDaniel Scheffler <>
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......@@ -408,7 +408,7 @@ class COREG_LOCAL(object):
def CoRegPoints_table(self) -> GeoDataFrame:
"""Return a GeoDataFrame containing all the results from coregistration for all points in the tie point grid.
Columns of the GeoDataFrame: 'geometry','POINT_ID','X_IM','Y_IM','X_UTM','Y_UTM','X_WIN_SIZE', 'Y_WIN_SIZE',
Columns of the GeoDataFrame: 'geometry','POINT_ID','X_IM','Y_IM','X_MAP','Y_MAP','X_WIN_SIZE', 'Y_WIN_SIZE',
return self.tiepoint_grid.CoRegPoints_table
......@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@ from shapely.geometry import Point
# internal modules
from .CoReg import COREG
from py_tools_ds.geo.projection import isProjectedOrGeographic, isLocal, get_UTMzone
from py_tools_ds.geo.projection import isLocal
from import get_generic_outpath
from py_tools_ds.processing.progress_mon import ProgressBar
from py_tools_ds.geo.vector.conversion import points_to_raster
......@@ -191,7 +191,7 @@ class Tie_Point_Grid(object):
def CoRegPoints_table(self):
"""Return a GeoDataFrame containing all the results from coregistration for all points in the tie point grid.
Columns of the GeoDataFrame: 'geometry','POINT_ID','X_IM','Y_IM','X_UTM','Y_UTM','X_WIN_SIZE', 'Y_WIN_SIZE',
Columns of the GeoDataFrame: 'geometry','POINT_ID','X_IM','Y_IM','X_MAP','Y_MAP','X_WIN_SIZE', 'Y_WIN_SIZE',
if self._CoRegPoints_table is not None:
......@@ -249,7 +249,7 @@ class Tie_Point_Grid(object):
def _exclude_bad_XYpos(self, GDF):
"""Exclude all points outside of the image overlap area and where the bad data mask is True (if given).
:param GDF: <geopandas.GeoDataFrame> must include the columns 'X_UTM' and 'Y_UTM'
:param GDF: <geopandas.GeoDataFrame> must include the columns 'X_MAP' and 'Y_MAP'
from skimage.measure import points_in_poly # import here to avoid static TLS ImportError
......@@ -264,7 +264,7 @@ class Tie_Point_Grid(object):
# exclude all points where bad data mask is True (e.g. points on clouds etc.)
orig_len_GDF = len(GDF) # length of GDF after dropping all points outside the overlap polygon
mapXY = np.array(GDF.loc[:, ['X_UTM', 'Y_UTM']])
mapXY = np.array(GDF.loc[:, ['X_MAP', 'Y_MAP']])
GDF['REF_BADDATA'] = self.COREG_obj.ref.mask_baddata.read_pointData(mapXY) \
if self.COREG_obj.ref.mask_baddata is not None else False
GDF['TGT_BADDATA'] = self.COREG_obj.shift.mask_baddata.read_pointData(mapXY) \
......@@ -330,30 +330,20 @@ class Tie_Point_Grid(object):
def get_CoRegPoints_table(self):
assert self.XY_points is not None and self.XY_mapPoints is not None
# create a dataframe containing 'geometry','POINT_ID','X_IM','Y_IM','X_UTM','Y_UTM'
# create a dataframe containing 'geometry','POINT_ID','X_IM','Y_IM','X_MAP','Y_MAP'
# (convert imCoords to mapCoords
XYarr2PointGeom = np.vectorize(lambda X, Y: Point(X, Y), otypes=[Point])
geomPoints = np.array(XYarr2PointGeom(self.XY_mapPoints[:, 0], self.XY_mapPoints[:, 1]))
if isLocal(self.COREG_obj.shift.prj):
crs = None
elif isProjectedOrGeographic(self.COREG_obj.shift.prj) == 'geographic':
crs = dict(ellps='WGS84', datum='WGS84', proj='longlat')
elif isProjectedOrGeographic(self.COREG_obj.shift.prj) == 'projected':
UTMzone = abs(get_UTMzone(prj=self.COREG_obj.shift.prj))
south = get_UTMzone(prj=self.COREG_obj.shift.prj) < 0
crs = dict(ellps='WGS84', datum='WGS84', proj='utm', zone=UTMzone, south=south, units='m', no_defs=True)
if not south:
del crs['south']
crs = None
crs = self.COREG_obj.shift.prj if not isLocal(self.COREG_obj.shift.prj) else None
GDF = GeoDataFrame(index=range(len(geomPoints)), crs=crs,
columns=['geometry', 'POINT_ID', 'X_IM', 'Y_IM', 'X_UTM', 'Y_UTM'])
GDF = GeoDataFrame(index=range(len(geomPoints)),
columns=['geometry', 'POINT_ID', 'X_IM', 'Y_IM', 'X_MAP', 'Y_MAP'])
GDF['geometry'] = geomPoints
GDF['POINT_ID'] = range(len(geomPoints))
GDF.loc[:, ['X_IM', 'Y_IM']] = self.XY_points
GDF.loc[:, ['X_UTM', 'Y_UTM']] = self.XY_mapPoints
GDF.loc[:, ['X_MAP', 'Y_MAP']] = self.XY_mapPoints
# exclude offsite points and points on bad data mask
GDF = self._exclude_bad_XYpos(GDF)
......@@ -649,10 +639,10 @@ class Tie_Point_Grid(object):
'out of the %s available tie points.' % avail_TP)
# calculate GCPs
GDF['GCP'] = GDF.apply(lambda GDF_row: gdal.GCP(GDF_row.X_UTM_new,
GDF['GCP'] = GDF.apply(lambda GDF_row: gdal.GCP(GDF_row.X_MAP_new,
......@@ -827,7 +817,7 @@ class Tie_Point_Grid(object):
GDF = self.CoRegPoints_table
GDF2pass = GDF if not skip_nodata else GDF[GDF[skip_nodata_col] != self.outFillVal]
X_coords, Y_coords, ABS_SHIFT = GDF2pass['X_UTM'], GDF2pass['Y_UTM'], GDF2pass[attrName]
X_coords, Y_coords, ABS_SHIFT = GDF2pass['X_MAP'], GDF2pass['Y_MAP'], GDF2pass[attrName]
xmin, ymin, xmax, ymax = GDF2pass.total_bounds
......@@ -997,7 +987,7 @@ class Tie_Point_Refiner(object):
"""Detect geometric outliers between point cloud of source and estimated coordinates using RANSAC algorithm."""
# from skimage.transform import PolynomialTransform # import here to avoid static TLS ImportError
src_coords = np.array(inGDF[['X_UTM', 'Y_UTM']])
src_coords = np.array(inGDF[['X_MAP', 'Y_MAP']])
xyShift = np.array(inGDF[['X_SHIFT_M', 'Y_SHIFT_M']])
est_coords = src_coords + xyShift
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