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Please cite **Py4HIP** as follows:\
*Bott, J., Benoit, L., Koltzer, N., Anikiev, D. (2022): Py4HIP: Python tool for Heat-In-Place calculations. V. 1. GFZ Data Services,*
Citation bib file: [CITATION.bib](./CITATION.bib)
## Authors and contributions
See also the list of [authors](../ who participated in this project.
If you what to contribute to this project please follow the [contributing guidelines](../
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Vosteen, H.-D., & Schellschmidt, R. (2003). Influence of temperature on thermal conductivity, thermal capacity and thermal diffusivity for different types of rock. Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, Parts A/B/C, 28(9-11), 499-509.
References are available as [a bib file](./references.bib).
## Contact
[Judith Bott](@sippel):
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