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......@@ -8,27 +8,27 @@ Modelling. In principle, it may be used for other measurements done in a
similar setup, but it was build with our standardized workflow in mind.
# Installation / Download
## Windows Installer
Download the latest Windows release: [setup_RST_pick_GUI.exe](/uploads/fd500dbf0eac3dba20234be7bb8633cb/setup_RST_pick_GUI.exe)
## Windows
Install the above setup and run it.
## Linux or Windows Command Line (without sample data)
To install for Linux or to use it from a Windows command line we advise to
install the the software using pip:
`python -m pip install git+`
To run the GUI-Version:
## Linux or Command Line
This software is programmed in Python 3 using several external modules and
therefore requires these to run. You can find the newest version of Python at
[here (external link!)]( At the time of writing this was
Python 3.8.x, but because of the relatively simple nature of this software it
should also work with most older versions. Furthermore it uses the additional
modules summarized in
which are installed using `pip` by calling `python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt --no-cache --only-binary=:all:`.
If you are using Windows you need to call: `python -m pip install -r requirements.txt --no-cache --only-binary=:all:`.
`python -m RSTpicking.RST_pick_GUI`
To install this software simply download and extract, or git clone, it into
your destination folder.
Using this version you can also access the functions for your personal project
by using:
import RSTpicking.RST_Func as rnfc
# How-To
## Linux or Windows Command Line (with sample data)
Download the repository and run the scripts as needed.
The main scripts are located in RSTpicking and to run the scripts you should
use `python` (Windows) or `python3` (Unix). That will
open a GUI providing the necessary details to open data files and analyse full
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