Commit 697e573d authored by Michael Rudolf's avatar Michael Rudolf Committed by Michael Rudolf
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Axis scaling now uses nanmax.

parent 823d0384
......@@ -363,8 +363,10 @@ def plotts(path, name, exp_data, normal_stress):
title='Normal stress $\\sigma_N$')
ax3.set_xlabel('Shear displacement $d$ [mm]')
ax3.set_ylabel('Shear stress $\\tau$ [Pa]')
ax3.set_xlim(0, np.max([np.max(m['displacement']) for m in exp_data]))
ax3.set_ylim(0, np.max([np.max(m['shearstress']) for m in exp_data])*1.125)
max_displ = np.nanmax([np.nanmax(m['displacement']) for m in exp_data])
max_stress = np.nanmax([np.nanmax(m['shearstress']) for m in exp_data])
ax3.set_xlim(0, max_displ)
ax3.set_ylim(0, max_stress * 1.125)
# ax3.yticks(np.arange(0, round(max(ts.max()), -3)+1001, 1000))
fig3.suptitle(name, y=0.92)
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