Commit 31fb7b8a authored by Michael Rudolf's avatar Michael Rudolf
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Bug fixes:

 - VST plots are now saved with the correct file extension.
 - Fixed a bug that occured when trying to set the icon of the app.
Known issues:
 - The scripts for tdms files in 'FileConversion' are outdated.
parent 20a0610e
...@@ -788,9 +788,9 @@ def plotVST(path, data, pfit, perr, name_fit): ...@@ -788,9 +788,9 @@ def plotVST(path, data, pfit, perr, name_fit):
edgecolor='k', edgecolor='k',
loc='upper right', loc='upper right',
framealpha=0.5) framealpha=0.5)
fname = os.path.splitext(data['name'])[0]
fig.suptitle(data['name'], fontsize=14, y=0.95) fig.suptitle(fname, fontsize=14, y=0.95)
plt.savefig(path + data['name'], plt.savefig(os.path.join(path, fname),
bbox_inches='tight', bbox_inches='tight',
edgecolor='w') edgecolor='w')
plt.close() plt.close()
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[metadata] [metadata]
name = rstevaluation name = rstevaluation
version = 0.2.4 version = 0.2.5
[options] [options]
packages = find_namespace: packages = find_namespace:
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