Commit 40c96aeb authored by Daniel Scheffler's avatar Daniel Scheffler
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Added line breaks.

Signed-off-by: Daniel Scheffler's avatarDaniel Scheffler <>
parent 9b1b9881
......@@ -207,9 +207,9 @@ class EnPT_Controller(object):
def _write_to_stdout_stderr():
"""Write to STDOUT and STDERR to reveal of these streams to enpt_enmapboxapp."""
sys.stdout.write('Connecting to EnPT STDOUT stream.')
sys.stdout.write('Connecting to EnPT STDOUT stream.\n')
sys.stderr.write('Connecting to EnPT STDERR stream.')
sys.stderr.write('Connecting to EnPT STDERR stream.\n')
def _print_received_configuration(self):
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